Sulphur & Rust Style Scarf: A Serendipitous Inspiration

Sulphur & Rust Style Scarf: A Serendipitous Inspiration


I love style scarves. You can be wearing the most ‘meh’ outfit, toss on a style scarf and ‘meh’ becomes DANG. I stumbled upon this situation here, check it out: I was going to turn in early last night, midnight, I had a piece of linen that I had rust dyed in my hand and I was about to fold it up and put it away when I spotted a neat bundle of gorgeous sulphur linen on my drafter. Wait a minute… I pressed the one against the other and, serendipity.

Made of 100% organic linen, two-thirds in a bring-you-to-your-knees AMAZING sulphur color, the last third in natural which I have rust dyed. The combination is an earthy symbiosis, and I will be making many, many more of these. Thank you, midnight inspiration, I am eternally grateful for your sweet little surprises. xo

79”L x 17”W for superfluous wrapping, made of the softest 100% organic European linen, hand dyed & hand stitched throughout.

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