Francis-Olive HANDMADE

When I first started talking about developing a line of clothing, the first thing everyone asked was ‘what’s your style’. A question that never occurred to me at the start, and one that I still have no answer for. I usually end up offering some circuitous description of this vision that I’ve held for too many years to count. I realize now that endeavoring to classify my ‘style’ is of no importance.

What I do know is that I adore textiles. The flecks of chaff in a really earthy linen, the gaminess and impossible density of handwoven wool. It reminds me that everything worth creating should have roots in nature. Where I source textiles is just as important as the textile itself. Most of what you see here is organic, a fair bit of it hand-loomed, and much of it vintage replete with holes and stitching from years past. I try to keep as much of its history in tact. There is nothing more beautiful than stitches that have endured decades (this belief is evident in my absolute obsession with boro). I work solely with natural fibers and natural dyes/dye processes. Everything you will find here is made by hand, and everything is made solely by me. I keep a small studio in Los Angeles. A haven, really. I am surrounded by dye pots, a mountain of rusty bits and an Everest of fabric, it is the perfect place to experiment and muse and play.

Every project begins with really good textiles. From there the form begins to take shape. There are so many things to consider: How to stitch it, how to adorn it, whether to dye it. Will I use a machine to put it together, or does it ask for the quiet and slow contemplation of needle in hand? What arises is a singular piece with its own personality. I make one of a kind pieces so the girl who wears them can break away from the herd. I’ve never been one to follow trends and fashion. I think clothing speaks volumes about the wearer. When I dress, I like to let people know I’m one of a kind, carefully crafted with only the most beautiful energy allowed in my creation. I think we should all wear things that reflect how sui generis we are, which is why I began this studio.

It’s a humbling thing, to be able to turn a dream into something tactile. It’s even more humbling to think that for every piece that I make, there is a soul somewhere in the world meant to possess it. I can think of no more lovely thought than that.

Thank you for visiting my small corner of the internet. I hope to make you something beautiful that you might treasure your life long. xo