A Humble Style Scarf

A Humble Style Scarf


Quiet days filled with nothing but birdsong. No traffic noise. No sun-baked hours to pull the mind astray, searching for cooler pastures in memories of autumns past. Scarf weather. We look forward to it all summer long. And quietly, those of us who forever listen for the call of the chilly months find solace in the cool evenings that cap the ends of these harsh hot days upon us, little promises that the glorious gray days that we crave lay in wait, just around the bend.

This is a humble scarf to bind your longings. May we wait out these next few months in solidarity, scarf wearers; it will not be long before we can pull out our beauties and celebrate the dark days that speak so earnestly to our humble hearts.

77”L x 13.5”W. All organic linen. Three herringbones and two baby houndstooth.

Thank you for choosing handmade. You are making an enormous, positive difference in this world. xo.

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