A Scarf That Dizzy Could Love

A Scarf That Dizzy Could Love


The thing about sewing is that it gives you an uncanny opportunity to review the contents of your head. The stream of conscious is always surprising, wildly meandering, and utterly whacky: This is a good color….what’s it like…straw….fields…sunflowers…Van Gough actually cut off his ear, well, not the whole thing…how macabre….I miss Provence…wasn’t he in Provence?…(spotify moseys along) Dizzy Gillespie would look good in this scarf…I wonder if he wore scarves…definitely, yes, definitely a scarf wearer, he wore tweed hats too…don’t forget to feed the neighbors’ fish…I think fish is what happens when you have bad karma…God, I would hate to be a fish… fish don't sleep do they? I wonder if their fins get tired. Mine would….ugh. definitely don’t want to come back as a fish. The thread is endless, much of this is said aloud, just so you know, and sleep does nothing to end things.

Speaking of, last night I dreamed of hand stitching and dyeing cloth (Hashtag: I really love what I do), and opened my eyes this morning totally energized about this scarf. I had lain out the textiles on my drafting table the night before so they would be the first thing I saw. I did a little happy dance, started tea, shunned (another) workout and got started right away.

I know, I know, I’ve been liberal with my use of the word ‘sumptuous’ lately, but this scarf really is. Two linen herringbones and a rust dyed bit bebop together like Dizzy and his band. The trio is absolute music to so many senses. Let me tell you about the textiles: the cocoa-and-gold herringbone is perfection manifest. A linen-and-silk dream with a very good weight. It is rather a vintage textile, as I’ve had a bolt of it for a good many years. The gold is making its second appearance this week, an organic linen with a hand that will bring you to your knees. The rust dyed bit is an organic natural linen, and together now the drape is so utterly magnificent that I am making one for myself on my upcoming day off.

This style scarf is an ode to Dizzy, for guiding my errant mind. I could think of worse things in life than Jazz, a pretty little studio in the middle of L.A., a headful of entertaining thoughts, and nights suffused with dreams of stitching and creating and loving what I do.

76” long x 16.25” wide, made by the light of wild imaginings and with ever so much love. Thank you for choosing handmade. You are making the world a thoroughly more magical place by doing so. xo.

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