Japanese Vintage Boro Swing Dress No.2

Japanese Vintage Boro Swing Dress No.2


What a darling! Second in the boro swing dress series, this one started with some beautiful vintage Japanese indigo dyed cotton kimono fabric. Some of it was tiring out, thin in patches, outright holes in areas. It is from the early 1900s, after all. I took some very old katazome fabric, replete with holes, and stitched it into the side of the dress for some dimension, then patched the spots with shima and more bright turquoise katazome. This is a classic example of true boro. A garment with holes that must be tended to. Boro is not necessarily rooted in time. Boro can start now with any garment that needs a little love. Over time, as this dress sees more life, more repair can be made, adding to the complexity of it.

Boro stitching throughout, both old boro from many years ago, and new that I have added. Raw hem. Linen finished neck and arms. Fine-finished seams. One of a Kind. This breezy swing dress comes just in time for summer. Measures 19” underarm point to underarm point, 35.5” length. Given the free cut of this dress, it would happily fit a small to medium gal.

It must be noted that all vintage fabric here is hand dyed with natural indigo, hand loomed and hand repaired. This is a very special piece indeed.

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