Girl Power: A Statement Dress

Girl Power: A Statement Dress


I must admit, I feel a little helpless these days, undervalued as an artist in my country, and as though my voice has no power. I don’t like to get political in public places because we all have a view and we should be allowed the freedom of those views. I will bring this to the table though: what is happening to women? I remember being told that freedom was to be protected at all cost, and now I feel my freedoms slipping away, both as a woman and creatively. So the best I can do is speak out as an artist, using my medium, in hopes of reminding those of you who may also feel lost that we do have power and freedom, as women, and as creatives, but we need to use our platforms to assert ourselves. This tiny corner of the internet is mine. To reiterate, my production is 100% cruelty-free, from the ethically sourced and largely organic fabrics I choose to my labor practices (I am the sole laborer over here, from conceptualization to the end result). As an artist, I think it’s important to consider the source of one’s medium, and that it should be in harmony with one’s philosophies. We, every one of us, deserves to live freely and thrive. And we can only do this if we respect one another’s freedoms, views, and beliefs. I know it’s hard to accept those beliefs that are the polar opposite of our own, but that is what we are here in this country, individuals first, but part of a whole. For me, this translates to respecting others, more than that, being curious about other’s cultures and choices, respecting the we are all entitled to freedom over our bodies, indeed over every aspect of our lives. If we all lived by values that embraced all cultural views without trying to force our own upon others, we would, I think, live in a much happier place. You are free to disagree.

On to the dress. This is a statement dress. Girl power pulls us back to square one when we were invincible little girls and anything in the world was possible. Over the course of my life I’ve come to realize that self-love is indeed the greatest power that we have at our disposal, for when we love ourselves, that same consideration is long reaching. This dressed is stitched with my form of protest, a protest that changing the world begins with honoring the self.

Made of 100% organic linen, I’ve incorporated several swathes of fabric that I rust-dyed in my studio. A generous pocket straddles the side. As is customary, the hem is left raw, the neckline and arms are bound in beautiful linen, a theme that has become a valued juxtaposition for me: one can remain raw and earth-bound, elegant and polished all the same.

If you have noticed, I’ve begun experimenting with something new in my studio. I usually fine-finish my seams, but I have begun overlocking the seams in some of my wearables in effort to cut down labor so that the garments can reach a broader audience. This will not supplant fine-finishing here, and I will always let you know how the seams are finished with every garment I make.

I will be making more of these statement wearables as an expression of self. Just know that in every piece lives my well-wishes for you. May this dress remind you and all who see it upon you that self-love is the root of all good and indeed has the power to change the world.

37” bust x 34” length. Hand-dyed and hand-stitched by me.

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