She's oh so lovely

She's oh so lovely


So, I have an indigo vat. A natural one. No chemicals. There is a distinct difference between a chemical laden vat and a natural one. Mine uses rotten fruit and vegetables to keep her running brilliantly. How kind to the planet. How kind to me as I plunge my hands into her depths (I really have to be better about using gloves).

Indigo is incredibly tricky. It’s not as easy as boiling up some dyestuff, dipping it into a pot, and tossing in your fiber. Indigo works via a chemical reaction. The vat must be balanced to the proper pH. When you dye, there can be ZERO movement within the vat. That means, dipping the fiber into the vat as slowly as possible so you introduce no oxygen AT ALL, then dyeing to the proper time and rinsing between dips to get the color depth desired. To get very dark blue, this takes hours. As well, you must feed the vat every day so that she maintains the proper pH balance, and you have to know when she needs a break as you’re dying so you don’t disrupt her qi. With that said, my vat, ‘Indie’, she is oh, so lovely and we work together brilliantly.

This little darling is, well, perfect. Done up in a gorgeous natural linen, and dyed for many many hours to get the proper blues. I’ve photographed her with some scarves so you can see her shine. This could be you, dear window shopper, looking oh so lovely this summer. A veritable indigo dream.

19.25” underarm seam to seam. 23.25” long. Fine finished seams. Neck and arms bound in linen.

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