Pair of Stitched Zokin

Pair of Stitched Zokin


These two panels are based on Japanese Zokin, the little dust cloths that every home in Japan once used. They were made of scraps of cloth from clothing declined beyond repair or further use. The Japanese would take these garments, pull them apart and make Zokin. Japanese children make one in first grade to keep their workspaces tidy, often stitching their name on the piece.

I have taken scraps of fabric collected in my studio, mostly vintage Japanese fabric, but a couple of swatches of new Japanese limited run and Japanese indigo dyed selvedge cloth felt they belonged in this project and made their way in here. First, several layers of fabric are stacked, and then pieces of face fabric are stitched in a pleasing mosaic. The result is a thick little pad that feels really nice in the hand.

While they are inspired by Zokin, these not so much for dusting, but for little landing pads to deposit your things. I have them all over my studio. I use them to lay out my stitching tools and threads for whatever project I’m working on. They just harmonize my workspace and adds a further element of beauty as I work. You may use them near your door to toss your keys upon, so they don’t scratch the table, or perhaps they might live under a pencil holder and stapler on your desk, or maybe a small vase.

You will receive the pair. The long thin Zokin measures 12.5” x 5.5” and the blue shima measures 11”x7”

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