A Twain of Chakras

A Twain of Chakras


Gold is the color that governs the solar plexus, it is the color of the 3rd chakra that deals in self-power, self-confidence, discipline. It is ruled by the element fire, and when one is in balance, one can use this fire to achieve one’s goals. Blue governs the throat chakra, the 5th, and it deals with the ability to communicate and listen. When balanced, it bestows the ability to express the self with eloquence, to elevate to a place of high spirituality. Those who are in balance with the throat chakra are able to connect with their artistic energy. With that said, the third eye chakra, or the 6th, is governed by indigo. And those in balance here are charismatic and have a knowingness about them, for they are in tune with their highest self. They also have no fear of death. Whoa. The twain of chakras is represented well here.

For some reason blue and gold have governed my thoughts and my imaginings here in the studio. I don’t know much about the chakras, just the basic knowledge that anyone can mine from the net, but it seems a fanciful thing, that parts of us are governed by color and that we can balance every aspect of ourselves by balancing this elusive thing, the chakras, through meditation and mantras. This style scarf reminded me of that as I was making it, the power we have over our lives if only we would turn our energies inward with daily discipline. I like to think that self-love is a good place to start. When something as arcane as the chakras baffles me, I can in the very least begin to move along my path with more mindfulness merely by going inward for a few moments a day (doing this in the morning seems to set the tone for the remaining hours) remembering that life is magical, and that my every thought and feeling is my choice and mine alone. What solace this brings.


This style scarf is the most sumptuous thing that one could don. The linens are the best you can find, soft and beautifully woven, splendid in color and thrilling to the touch. All 100% organic, from Europe, the blue and gray are fraternal twins, baby houndstooth with such a wild hand that it wobbles when you even dare to look at it. The gold, oh. that. gold! is so, so very moving that when I first found it in my travels I gasped and bought up the lot. It is a herringbone weave of gold and straw so fine and beautiful that it’s a wonder why anyone would wear another other textile than flax. The striped bit here is a natural, almost pearlescent linen that is so fine and elegant that I’ve been stingy with it because I only have a wee bit to share. When you wind this style scarf about you it feels like magic. And who knows, maybe by merely wearing it, it will bring you fearlessness and boundless creativity.

Hand stitched seam allowances, 80” long x 16.25” wide for much creative wrapping. Thank you for buying handmade, you are making the world more beautiful by doing so. xo.

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