The Quintessential Japanese Sun

The Quintessential Japanese Sun


This Japanese sun collection is a long time in the making. I wanted to wait until I had several pieces done. You will find more of it sprinkled about my shop. And there is more to come. Indeed, the sun is calling my attention on a table in my studio. It’s high time, it whispers. And I agree. Wholeheartedly. If there is anything that sums up the nature of what I am doing in my studio, it is my little (and sometimes giant), red Japanese sun.

The style scarf here is the quintessence of this expression. Simple yet striking. Subtle yet bold. Done up in all organic linen, the sun buoys in the center of a natural bit, and the other half is an incredibly sumptuous sulphur yellow that you have seen in many places in my shop already.

72” L x 16.5” wide. Thank you for visiting my shop. I send you warm wishes. xo.

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