Signature Style Scarf No.1

Signature Style Scarf No.1


Let me first start by saying that I have many more of these scarves coming. This one was nabbed as soon as it was done dyeing.

Onto the scarf.

This started off as sort of a vision. I have been spending a lot of time with my indigo vat, a very special thing, she is. I got her to the perfect blue — I’m fond of the sky/water blues more than the very deep navy — with no amount of color loss. Hooray! Anyone who works with true indigo will appreciate this. I was lying in bed thinking of my rust dyeing and how I wanted to pair it with my indigo, I sprang out of bed turned on the studio lights, and lo, a star was born. I call this the house special because it will be making regular appearances in the shop. With variations, of course. Check back in a few days. There will be more for you here soon.

Organic indigo and rust dyed linen in natural. 78”L x 13”W

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