Planet Style Scarf

Planet Style Scarf


Did you know that Jupiter has rings? It does. Thinner and fewer than Saturn, nonetheless, the gas giant is haloed all the same. Jupiter is my favorite planet. We owe our thanks to its bully prowl through the nascent Universe, bumping and edging and dictating what goes where and how large (or small) it might loom. It wasn’t until the fine pull of Saturn with her sexy rings that Jupiter submitted, crawling after her like a boy in love. And now Jupiter buoys, subdued, at the far reaches of our solar system, separated from us by a menacing ring of asteroids.

Ever my head in the clouds and beyond….

All organic linen. Hand-dyed rust and organic indigo. Hand stitched with the rings of Jupiter and a sprinkling of stars. 78” L x 17” W.

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