What a quiet, diffuse morning. The air was a silvery web, and the colors of this scarf eluded me, the colors of earth and autumn straw with the merest snatch of sky. These scarves are becoming an obsession. The linen beckons — so many colors at my fingertips! And like a landscape they combine here. This is the one you wear when traipsing through the forest, a carpet of umber loam beneath your feet, a gentle susurrus weaving through the spires of the lofty trees. Life has shed its many graces upon you. You remember this now.

75”L x 15” wide. All organic European linen: two seriously sumptuous herringbones, a snip of wobbly blue, and an olivey spanse with a signature of stitching graffitied across its face.

Thank you for choosing handmade. You are making dreams come true. xo.

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