Garden in Blue: A Wearable Art Jacket

Garden in Blue: A Wearable Art Jacket


Make flowers not war! This is what the world would look like if war was illegal, and all of the military gear had to be transformed into something peaceful and beautiful.

Let’s start with the construction of the jacket. Vintage military gear is SO well made. It’s built to last many lifetimes. The stitching and construction are little pieces of the most glorious craftsmanship from the worsted wool to the hidden underlining pieces, to the shape, the fit, the little details. There is nothing made like it today, so, what a good foundation we have for our lovely garden. Speaking of, onto the embellishment. A cascade of 15 handmade flowers adorns the right lapel, each layered from a multitude of textiles, hand cut and assembled, from vintage to new, silk to wool to indigo dyed corduroy. What manifests here is a veritable garden of texture and color.

Vintage jacket is 100% worsted wool in a smoky blue, fully lined, and as crisp and perfect as anything. Measures: 17.5” shoulder to shoulder seam, 21” underarm seam to seam, 22.5” long from neck to waist. Would happily fit a small to medium girl.

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