Geishas & Cranes

Geishas & Cranes


I started making these because I have all of this incredible vintage Japanese silk, and I like a gent who is thoughtful enough to wear a pocket square. This one is for those gents who need a splash of color in their day, perhaps a bit of whimsy. The atomic half is a very fine vintage Japanese cotton that would have been used for yukata, a light-weight Japanese summer kimono. The silk half is sublime. This was once a kimono. Neat-O, right? Tiny Japanese Geishas and cranes, cartoonish for sure, for the light-heart in you. Can be worn with silk facing, or atomic side facing. Let your mood dictate. Totally hand stitched. 13” x 13”.

Thank you for buying handmade. You are making a difference.

*you will receive the red geisha pocket squares. Photos with multiple squares are simply for display.

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