Old Soul

Old Soul


This is the work that I love. I get intense cravings to hand stitch. Especially if I’ve been doing a lot of machine sewing in the prior days, and this week has been dress upon dress of machine stitching. When that happens, boro seems to call me because it requires intense commitment. So many little pieces that must fit together in a pleasing and sensible way. I start by letting the textile guide me, she tells me which thread to use, which snip of fabric goes where. These boro pieces are not to be rushed, you cannot have a plan.

This piece started with two very, very old slips of shima that had already been heavily repaired. One of them had a few holes, and one was very thin in places. I took on the task of repairing her, you know, boro, preserving that which is waning, making it into something new again, something smart and functional and, of course, something that must be pleasing to both the wearer and those who look upon the piece. When I laid down those first two slips of textile I smiled: ‘you’re an old soul’, I said. ‘You are asking to be renewed so that you can see a wee bit more of this life.’ And so I honored her with time and love and the utmost reverence.

Whomever this Old Soul chooses, take good care of her. She’s already seen much time, many lives, numerous hands, and she is counting on you to give her many more experiences that she won’t soon forget.

Made entirely of very old Japanese textiles, a mix of shima, katazome and muji. Arms and neck finished in linen. Hand-stitched. 37” bust x 45” length. Thank you for choosing handmade, artisan wearables. Your life is seriously much more lovely and fulfilling for it. xo.

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