The City Dress

The City Dress


The name of this dress came about because I photograph on a seriously busy stretch of Los Angeles. In the background, all you can hear are cars honking angrily, tires screeching, Maserati drivers revving their engines. No doubt, I live in the city, and this dress was dancing in the breeze that shot under the parkway as though the cacophony was music.

She’s a stunning thing, with her racing stripes. All done up in organic linen with fine finished seams, linen arm and neck finishes and secret bits of stitching stashed throughout. She comes with a raw hem, and more swish than a girl could possibly need in one lifetime.

36.5” bust x 36” long. Thank you for buying handmade, artisan clothing, and thank you for choosing my shop. It means the world to me that you’re here. xo.

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