Boro Swing Dress with Katazome Textile

Boro Swing Dress with Katazome Textile


I’ve been wanting to make this forever. I started out thinking I would make it for myself, but as I moved along, it kept getting better and better and I really wanted to pass it on to you. I can make myself another one on another day.

It started out with a really smashing vintage Japanese katazome textile that I arranged at the front left. The fun began from there. In and out moved myriad pieces of vintage Japanese indigo dyed fabrics from my stash, and what I arrived at is what you see here. A few of the pieces retain original boro piecework and stitching, and all of the textiles here are very old. It is a substantial dress with a nice weight to it, given the amount of fabric involved. I decided to hand stitch the front, keeping the edge raw, so as not to bury any amount of katazome within a seam. There are several moments of hand stitching throughout the dress — rows of X’s, a sprinkling of stars. A panel of very old boro retains a slip of shima, and I’ve repaired a few holes and a worn patch with some fragments of katazome with peony and leaf motif. I have enhanced some of the original holes by leaving them raw and stitching round them to secure them so they no longer fray, and this only adds to the individuality of the frock. It must be noted that all vintage fabric here is hand dyed with natural indigo, hand loomed and hand repaired. This is a very special piece indeed.

That which has been left to languish has been given new life. I hope she sees some pleasant days with the gal who finds her. This is a one of a kind piece and cannot be duplicated.

Raw hem. Linen finished neck and arms. Hand stitching throughout. Fine-finished seams. Measures 19” underarm point to underarm point, 35.5” length. Given the free cut of this dress, it would happily fit a small to medium gal.

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